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  Windows 7 Compatible  
  Windows 10 Compatible  
  Windows 11 Compatible  
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Simple Accounting


Trade Complete
(Trad.Chinese, Simp.Chinese, English)
  Multi-company & Multi-user
  Multi-level security control
  Automatic numbering of document no.
  Quick record filtering and sorting
  Keyword search Q & A
Networking & Storage      
  Real-time data sharing via Intranet / Internet
  Support connection to MS SQL Server
  Company data backup and restore
Customer & Vender      
  Auto-numbering of customer code  
  Shipment tracking  
  Payment tracking  
  Customer price grouping  
  Document remark for individual customer  
Company Product & Service      
  Auto-numbering of product code  
  Pricing and discount scheme  
  Product photo get from intranet or internet  
  Basic unit and packing unit  
  Shipment package information  
  Product quick search and printing  
  Product label printing  
  Barcode label printing and scanning  
Inventory & Stock      
  Minimum stock level  
  Stock no.(lot#) and serial no.  
  Stock adjustment  
  Stock Transfer between warehouse  
  Stock lend or consignment  
  Select by lot# or serial no.
when move stock out
  Stock on-hand tracking  
  Stock movement tracking  
  Fixed asset management
Receivable & Payable      
  Quotation & sales order  
  Invoice & receipt  
  Purchase order  
  Bill & payment slip  
  Debit note & credit note    
  Sales return and purchase return  
  Packing list & goods receive note  
  One-click creation of documents  
  Multi-currency accounting  
  Single-entry settle & receive payment  
  Money transfer  
  Double-entry balance ensured voucher  
  Write and print cheque  
  Auto-generated voucher, custom voucher  
  Real-time transactional posting  
  Multi-level Chart of Account  
  Combine multiple payment into one cheque  
  Lock finanial period and year-end process  
Reports & Documents      
  View data on desired(as at) date or period
  Export document to Excel, pdf, html, gif etc.
  General Ledger reports  
  Sales reports  
  Customer statement  
  Purchase reports  
  Inventory reports  
  Invoice profit report  
  Sales order profit report  
  Net profit calculation by project report    
  Fixed asset reports
  Sales and purchase analysis reports  
  Customizable document format by build-in editor
Support and Maintenance      
  Email Support
  Remote Control Support
(require appropriate internet connection)
  Telephone Support (Hong Kong only)
  Onsite installation (Hong Kong only)
Required purchase of multiple license
  Document layout setup by remote control